"The 90° class is an 8 step strategy for cornering the phenomenon of the 90° leg and aims to share and generate a potential context for a 90° practice."

The 5th of april 2012 SKÄLVA had the great honor to host a 90° class led by Tova Gerge, one of the three inventors of this exploration of possibilities with the 90° leg. When at 90° – the leg is heavy. If you are flexible enough to lift your leg higher you will find that this is less heavy.

The idea of exploring what to do with a 90° leg sounds kind of hardcore. Maybe not to balletdancers/acrobats/etc but to us, people with some stiffness here and there… Surprisingly it was not more hardcore than you let it become. Most surprising of all – when someone give you new interesting tasks to explore TOGETHER you keep your leg lifted higher and longer because your focus is somewhere else. When your attention goes to composition or to giving someone a massage (with your lifted leg) – your body is working with you in motion, giving full effort, without focusing the effort you put in. The joy of exploring together!

If you are curious about this class, gather some friends and follow the 8 step written instruction. You find it here. The Bermudas developed a class that anyone can do to reappropriate the 90° practices. The class is free to distribute, modify and perform. Use it!


Exploration number: 030
When: 5th of April 2012
Where: Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
Duration: 16.00-17.00
Participants:  Ebba, Issraa, Jenny, Marie, Petronella, Tova och Ulrika
Archive matrial: 11 photos