Skälva consists of the artists Jenny Simmar and Ulrika Berge.

Skälva's happenings are made of it's participators and are therefore dependent on the people who join us. We thank all of you who've come to play with us, and all of you who will join us in the future. All participants changes both process and result.

We explore spaces through movement and we do it together. We take a space and make it ours. We move, walk, dance, stop, shake, fall, turn, lift…. What we do is improvisation. We react to each other and the surrounding. We are a part of the situation. We blend into a space. At the same time we bring something new. We are here.

We decided to create a zone in cyberspace and make it ours. We started to co-write texts in the same manner as we do our events. We make a score for each text and explore its possibilities.  We use english because we know that more people understand english than our native language swedish, but what is to understand?

If you want further reading see the text why we explore.