”To roll down a slope is something I've definitely had a too small dose of. The accelerating speed that takes me down to the grass field. A good start to become one with the space.”
”It felt like when I was a child and went down the big slope with my sledge. The butterflies in my stomach when my sledge flew over the bumps. It was nice to feel that again when dancing in a slope. The butterfly-feeling when I left ground and landed further down in surprise”   
"Being so close, even physically, with all that surrounds me is a wonderful reminder of how much bigger everything around me is!"
"My strongest memory is the scent, the feeling, all the colors of the high wet grass, and everything in it."
"It was cool when I danced and experienced another momentum, the new force pulling me down. New ways of moving were possible."
"Continuous movement, shared joy, height, sky, ground"
"Space is not flat.       Discovering three-dimensionality and spherical space again and again."
"There is no such thing as a body not moving."
"Dancing, moving, falling into stillness."
"The other bodies are redeeming the studio-space from its hopeless two-dimensionality."
"Realizing that so much of my dancing has taken place on a flat surface makes me want to laugh."
Exploration number: 005
Where: Skarpnäck, Stockholm
When: 7th of September 2011
Duration: 17.45-19.00
Participants: Alex, Christian, Helena, Jenny, Sara, Sarasvati  and Ulrika
Archive material: 933 photos