Call to order: An annual meeting of SKÄLVA, was held on Långholmen, Stockholm on the 17th of may, 2012. The meeting convened at 17.00, President Ulrika Simm presiding, and Jenny Berge, secretary.
Members in attendance: Canon 50d, Iphone 4, Jenny Berge, Jenny Simm,  Nikon 3100, Samsung (model unknown), Ulrika Berge and Ulrika Simm.
Members not in attendance: Zoom 2h.
Approval of agenda: The agenda for the meeting was approved.
Election of Board Members: The Nominating Comitte has consisted of Jenny Berge, Ulrika Simm and Zoom 2h. They appointed the following members to the Board: Canon 50d, Jenny Simm, Nikon 3100 and Ulrika Berge. The board will constitute itself at its first meeting but the Nominating Committe strongly recommend that Jenny Simm and Ulrika Berge will function as the Central Operating Team. Motion carried.
Board and committee reports:
Acitivity: Since the start in july 2011 SKÄLVA has arranged 21 Events that have been open for anyone. 10 Duets have been documented. Innumerable work meetings have been held and many texts have been written. The homepage was published on 18th of december 2011 and consist of 32 posts today, (1,63 posts per week in average). It is a playground in cyberspace and part of SKÄLVA´s artistic expression. The technical team Canon, Nikon and Zoom has done a wonderful job, their importance for the organization can´t be stressed enough.  The supportive team Iphone and Samsung did an equallly wonderful work.
Economic Report: SKÄLVA continues to be a zero budget project which in fact means that the economy go backwards as money don´t exist but still are sometimes spent. How this work we haven´t fully understood. We don´t let our non-existent economy limit us but will start moving towards a more existing one in the future.
Future plans: For the summer SKÄLVA has organized the Explore Stockholm Events at a time when many visit Stockholm. We will do Duets as well as open Events during Stockholm Fringe in august and have been invited to a performance festival in Oslo in september. Apart from all this we will continue to do Events on shorter notice that we spread through the blog and our facebookpage.
Unfinished business:
Moved by SKÄLVA : Unedited filmed material. These will be films. Suddenly. Motion carried.
Motion: Moved by SKÄLVA : The Dance Project Two Temperaments. During the summer 2012 a workshop will be held to sew and paint clothes for the event. The production will be documented and edited into a film. In the autumn SKÄLVA will do some contact work to be able to do this project on the desireable spot. Two dancing teams will start moving. Motion carried.
New business:
Motion: Moved by board of SKÄLVA : Strategy for continued working as SKÄLVA spread to two towns: 1. Do Events and/ or Duets where we meet. 2. Do things simultaneously. 3. Continue a dialogue over time, playing with different expressions (words, photo, pictures, etc) in a set score. Motion carried.
Motion: Moved by Iphone : Suggestion of a Change of Name, because of problems in the digital world cause by the swedish letter Ä.  The meeting discussed this topic as everyone was aware of the problem. A change of name might come. But the meeting agreed that if so it will come naturally as SKÄLVA transforms into something else. Motion failed.
Announcements: Much of the theoretical discussion within SKÄLVA has not found its way to the blog yet. Can we do something to facilitate this? Is it important? The meeting didn´t spend much time with these topics but passed them to the newly elected board.
Samsung reported that she might leave the organization in a close future, due to travels abroad. If so she will help to get hold of someone else who can carry out her functions. Ulrika Simm took the opportunity to thank Samsung for her wonderful way to facilitate communication within the organization.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 17.35. The evening continued in movement.

Exploration number: 037
Where: Långholmen, Stockholm
When: 17th of April 2012
Participants: Jenny, Ulrika
Archive material: 31 jpeg