This is collaboration with Lisa Fahlén, both in the event and in this post-event report.
Choose any date between 100AD and up to 50 years in the future and access tide predictions  for 7 or 14 days at a time. So you give it one more try to wave goodbye, wave goodbye.
Board! Enter! Plunge into!  
Stay. All vessels should contact the Isthmia control tower on VHF channel 11 before entering the canal in order to find out what time to be at the canal entrance.
I saw the sea in high pressure or in low pressure. Moderation, she does not know. There are 40 floors to Stormy Sea. Soothing, breaking one by one. Peaceful brushing on the shore. In crescendo and then back down.
Basically flat, no steep hills. Are Peaks really peakier and Mounts more massive, or do summit titles follow too much whim and misnaming for any significant relationships to exist? Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills. The island boasts over 60 beaches and small coves – many unnamed – and several of these are frequented by those who wish to shed their clothes. Just as telling were some of the things not found. Extreme terrain with frequent, steep hills and long, sustained climbs.
Exploration number: 050
When: 10th of May 2013
Where:  Där Lisebergshjulet stod-Drömmarnas kaj, Göteborg
Duration: 17.30-18.30
Participants: Carine, Christian, Jenny, Lisa,  Lise-Lotte, Malin and Oliver
Archive material: 53 pre-exploration photos, 79 photos