Blurry    – difficult to see   – difficult to understand or seprate clearly.

Picture  –  a drawing, painting, photograph, etc 

              –  something you produce in you mind, by using imagination or memory

To Document  –  to record the details of an event, a process, etc

An Improvisation   – a performance that an actor, muscian, etc has not practised or planned 

                                – the act of making or doing something wih whatever is available at the time.

In Space    – an empty area that is available to be used  

                   – the area around all that exists that continuing in all directions.


Text by  Online DIctionary    SKÄLVA chose the words.

Photos by an old phone who is not so used to capturing twilight.




Exploration number: 058
17th of October 2013
Where: Garden of Lilla Skinnarviksgränd, Södermalm, Stockholm
Duration: 17.30 -18.30
Participants: Alexandra, Amelia, Andrea, Anneli, Elin, Pär, Sabina, Sofia, Sofia och Ulrika
Archive material: – photos