Göteborg what a fantastic city, picnic-friendly city views, neighbourhoods away from the city centre, time to spare, island-hopping, archipelago well worth doing, great range of services,  activities available in the city,  adventurous fika folk,  a café dedicated to help the city brush up on its language skills, right in the heart of Scandinavia, shops within walking distance,  FREE ENTRANCE, the sea, surprising, seafood seriously, so seriously, a fish market shaped like a place of worship,  “This is extremely fun, almost surreal,”  the best place in the world, shoestring budget, home to a buzzing, world-class and stunning green spaces,  a vintage rollercoaster, an awe-inspiring suburban archipelago, the freshest, finest seafood on Earth, tram and stombuss, the efficient ways to travel,  a country known for its expensive tastes, true highlights, a spectacular  boulevard in every sense, temperatures warmer than places in similar latitude, second-largest, city celebrates wonders, of the land and the sea, special charm, something for everyone, the best tourist destination on Earth.
Exploration number: 048
14th of March 2013
Where: Brunnsparken, Göteborg, Stockholm
Duration: 19,00-20.00
Participants: Anja, Anita, Elisabeth, Halley, Jenny, Karin, Martin, Sanna och Ulrika
Archive material: 298 photos, raw