Women who use movement in public spaces for social commentary, art and protest are  myth-busting along many dimensions: active, not passive; strong not vulnerable; together, not isolated; public, not private; and, usually, angry, not alluring.  
Different movements can be used to accentuate the changing effect,  including the hugging, swinging and sweeping. You won't see such a big contrast between the movements if you have a focus on something else, such as Bermuda triangels or what will happen after this. Watering the surrounding after moving can make your momentum stand out even more.
In a movement defined by acts of daring, this bravery was extraordinary. A hundred seconds later, songs by women are long since sounding and sleeping/eating/playing continues. It is a worldwide fight for equal political representation, an end to women's poverty, freedom  from sexual violence, control over our own bodies, and – ultimately –  for that most basic, yet radical, demand: for women to be treated as human beings. 
Days after the second anti-racist demonstration in Kärrtorp we trace the steps that was taken by thousands.


Exploration number: 067
Where: Kärrtorps IP, Stockholm
When: 30 Decembre 2013
Duration: 18.30-19.30

Participants: Andrea, Anneli, Agneta, Filippa, Isa, Jenny, Karin, Martina and Ulrika
Archive materia
l:  photos