We invite all of you who are interested in exploring movement and space through improvisation to join us in our trainings and events. Since the summer 2011 we have hosted over 50  events. We usually hold a short introduction and do some exercises to find a group focus.

If you're interested in dancing with us – do it now. We're not sure about the future. We usually plan our next exploration in the after quakes of our last. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest information.

We divide our happenings in to three sections;  training, events and duets.

The trainings are always guided and open for all. We choose places for the training that are calmer and less public compared to our events.

The events are open for all to participate with a short note that there may be only a short introduction and all who joins takes care of them selves. We choose places for the events that we find interesting in relationship to the passed events and usually explore public spaces, less or more filled with other movements. Lunchjam is an event during lunch hours.  

Duets are events with just the two of us.

Note! Our cameras dance with us and when you come and move with us it might catch you too.


Calendar of Past and Upcoming Events

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