What do we long for?
Two bodies are twice the amount of bodyparts compared to only mine. It's not simple to grasp. What will we do with four legs, two spines and the ground. Our barefoot feet travels in patterns that only they will record.
I tune in. I melt into the movement of bodies which creates compositions.
Creativity is play. It is a free improvisation with the material that we have chosen to work with. Improvisation is a way to explore possibilities. I move something and then I listen. Or I listen while I move.
Everything happens at once. Everything is connected.
No sound is necessary. We don't need to talk.

Exploration number: 002
Hosted by SKÄLVA

Where: Bagarmossen, Stockholm
When: 11th of July 2011
Participants: Jenny, Ulrika
Archive material: 16 images, a text