The thought was to explore places that was made site-specific through the landmarks they were given. In this case statues or monuments. By moving on these spots we made the place even more time-specific that was all ready imbedded in them.

Why was the part after the end the best part? We had left our three statues/monuments and where walking back to the subway. The music hit us and we felt energized again, despite the coldness. Kungsträdgårdens ice-rink was entertaining the surroundings with rhythmic sounds. Maybe this is exactly what we are looking for. To become comfortable and open to the surrounds to be able to catch the opportunities when they pass us by.


Exploration number: 020
When: 28th of January 2012
Where: Skeppsholmen, Blasieholmen, Nybrohamnen, Kungsträdgården
Duration: 12.00-14.00
Participants: Jenny, Marie, Sara, Ulrika
Archive material: 47 photos