A SKÄLVA compass for a club night
1. First – Meeting point
Sit down, sink into the seats and look out into the space. What is happening? What is not happening? Be silent, look at the facial expressions in the room.
On the way to the next place
Packing up. Trying an other space. Asphalt, darkness. Cold, winter streets. Slippery and full of snow. Bodies moving simultanously. Stop.
Move on, pack up your things and leave.
Walk straight out of the door.
Look at the street you entered. 
What qualities does it contain?
Is it welcoming, large, sweet, friendly, wrapped in shadows?
2. Second place
Explore the different spaces of the place. Locate a dance floor. Empty. Recognize the dj:s let them notice you. Find some tables with comfortable chairs.
Sit down and start a conversation without words. The movements make the statements. Start subtle, small gestures, the placement of a hand. Another. A response. Bodies involved in a dialogue. Many possibilities. Timing. Laughter.
After some time – let the gestures grow. The whole bodies move. Take new positions, explore the space. The dynamic of being close. Or apart. Involve another table. The rythm of bodies moving. Then back to the tiny, tiny movements. A blink of the eye and a body move as a response. And so on into eternity.
You are thirsty. Go to the bar. Let your bodies take space. Involve in a dialogue with small gestures. No words.
Sample movements as a way to build a conversation. 
Look at your surrounding. 
Elbows changing positions, foreheads wrinkling relations between bodies. Build a conversation completely based on sampling movements each other and from the surrounding people. 
When you want larger movements go to the dance floor. It´s not empty – anymore. You are there. Move. You make it a dance floor. You have the power. Continue sampling. Respond. Let new material grow from inside.
On the way to the next place
Lights, shadows, the dark sky above.
The pavement. 
Move your body. 
Feel the fresh air. 
Tune in on what you have done so far. Find different ideas on how to continue.
3. Third  place
If you have to queue you queue. If it is to get in.
Never queue to leave your clothes, unless you want to. 
Hide them. There is plenty of hidden space available. If you take it.
Move around. Get a feeling of the possibilities of the space. Set a score. Play in the score.
Follow the walls of the space.
Press you body into the walls.
When it is time: sorti
Exploration number: 046
5th of January 2013
Where: Three different bar/clubs, Södermalm, Stockholm
Duration: 20.00 – 24.00
Participants: Andrea, Jenny and Ulrika
Archive material: – photos, -film