I suddenly see the flowers. I run to them. All of us run to them. The group instantly share my joy. My joy? Is it mine? Of course not – it is our joy. We are connected. We dip our noses deep into the scent of flowers. We lean on their concrete pots and let the grass tickle our faces. We are there for the flowers and they are there for us.
The city has so many rooms to share. We dream about it whilst rolling on the ground. A square outside a shopping mall invites its concrete tiles with us. It is part of the interface of a city and we want to scrub our skin against it. The palms of our hands are soon dirty and we embellish our finger tips with night black dirt from the advertisment signs. We fiddle on the glue and the tape and the metall fences. We find weak spots where we could deconstruct obstacles to reach further into the rooms we explore. We also find strong, stabile structures that we can climbe and hang from.
We are on top of the bridge Liljeholmsbron. Close to the sky as the air stretches uninterrupted upwards, on both sides and under the bridge. A tingeling feeling of unlimited possibilities. Suddenly an awareness of things that has passed here in another time. Movements made not explore, but to end all explorations. Times when someone was standing here very much alone. We are drawn to each other. Express togetherness with our bodies as bikers pass by.
1,2 km of citystreet holds a large number of rooms. A large number of possibilities for our bodies. We have to chose where to play. We notice the surrounding and the surrounding notice us. We turn up side down. Most faces smile.
Humming a unison melody whilst feet meeting ground. The group buzzing around each other. We softly move in the direction to the monumental space under Liljeholmsbron. We sit down in a line next to one of the pillars. A weeping willow streaches down into the water and the ducks are playing with the water surface. They continue our game.
Exploration number: 045
When: 15th of Sept 2012
Where: Liljeholmen – Hornstull,  Stockholm
Duration: 12.30-14.00
Participants: Andrea, Anneli, Jenny, Magnus, Pär, Sanna and Ulrika
Archive material: 109 photos