We are SKÄLVA. The swedish word skälva can be translated into the verb quiver. A motion which is small, but noticable.  A quiver often happens spontanuously as a response to an emotional input. You quiver when you are scared, nervous, happy or simply freezing. It is a kind of response. 
Pictures by Mira Åkerman
When someone who knows swedish hears the word SKÄLVA it can be mistaken for the pronom being alone (själva), in this case it would refer to a plural sense of being alone: we are alone. 
We are not alone. If we say that we'll show up, we'll be there. We've always been there. It is so clear that this is something sprouting from us. It is in the inbetween space this has all appeared. The distance and the closeness of us. A constant exchanging of thoughts.
Starting point:
The meeting of the two of us set it all in motion. We organized an event. We met to take some photos and it became our very first duet We continued to invite people to join us in explorations of our city Stockholm. 
We never knew it would come to this. Events in several cities. In the streets, parks and green spots. On boats, statues and bridges. In addition to the physical space, we've also entered the virtual part of our world. This page is our playground in cyberspace. 
We want to do it again! We are still curious. Now we live in two cities. What possiblities does that give? We will continue moving for sure – with you if you join us! We don´t know how this will continue, there are many possibilities. We never planned to get to this point so we are sure we don´t need to plan the future. If we continue to respond to what happens now something will evolve.
We have been through heavy, pouring rain and still we do not only dream of sunshine.
Jenny Simm and Ulrika Berge a.k.a. SKÄLVA