To be a spider. To find support. To let the body turn. To be in any direction.

The body of a spider consists of two easily recognizable parts, a narrow waist connects both parts. The eight legs can move independently which makes a spider an excellent climber. Spider silk provides a combination of lightness, strength and elasticity that is superior to any other material. 6-8 eyes, no ears! A spider hears with very tiny hairs on her legs.

The spider is an ancient symbol of power, mystery and growth. She weaves her web which is a symbol of the infinite possibilities of creation. Spider weaves the webs of fate for those who get caught in her web and becomes her dinner. This is similar to humans who get caught in the illusions in the physical world and never see beyond the horizon into other dimensions.

There are more possibilities with eight legs.



An exploration of space in Mårten Trotzigs Gränd. Music by Johan Andersson.

Exploration number: 032 + 033
Where: Mårten Trotzig gränd, Gamla stan, Stockholm
When: 12th of April
Duration: Approximatly 1 hour + 1 hour
Participants: Jenny, Ulrika (032) Jenny, Lina-Lea, Ulrika + 4 people (033)
Arhive material: 19 photos, a lot of film material